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Construction Update – September 28

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Beginning the week of October 2nd, installation of the wet well near the AGU plaza/prow will now require sidewalk closures on Florida Avenue and 20th Street. The wet well work is related to the municipal sewer heat exchange system, a key energy recovery best practice required in the design of this project in the pursuit of net zero. When complete, the sewer heat exchange will recover thermal energy from wastewater running through the sewer line beneath Florida Avenue.

Please be aware of the following details of the work and related sidewalk closures:

  • The community will now see sidewalk closures on the AGU side of Florida Avenue and sidewalk closures on 20th Street beginning the week of October 2nd for approximately seven (7) months.
  • Due to sidewalk closures on Florida Avenue, pedestrians will need to safely cross Florida Avenue at the crosswalk where it intersects with Connecticut Avenue to access the sidewalk on the other side of the street.
  • Due to sidewalk closures on 20th Street, pedestrians will need to safely cross at the crosswalk located at the east corner of 20th Street and S Street to access the sidewalk on the other side of the street.
  • The project team will also be taking up the metered parking spots lining the AGU building on both Florida Avenue and 20th Street for approximately seven (7) months while this work is being completed. On 20th Street, the project team currently anticipates only occupying the three meters closest to the Florida Avenue intersection.
  • Every business along Florida Avenue and 20th Street will still be accessible and will be open for business.

During some time that the sidewalk along Florida Avenue is closed, a tower crane will be placed within the sidewalk closure. The tower crane is needed to install the structural steel that supports the solar photovoltaic (PV) array – a key component in energy recovery.

During erection and dismantling of the crane, there will be temporary disruption to traffic on Florida Avenue. It is anticipated the crane placement will not directly impact 20th Street. We will work with the project team to provide updates, as necessary.

Contact Information

Our priority throughout construction is to be a good neighbor. If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

For emergency concerns regarding the site, please contact:

  • Jim Herdman, Skanska superintendent, at [email protected] or 240-393-1928;
  • Brian Mukolwe, Skanska project manager, at 301-651-7370; or please dial 301-795-3100.

You can also follow our progress at

Thank you for your continued support!