Project Update

AGU Construction Mobilization Continues – May 22

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Over the next week, the construction team will be installing a temporary construction fence around the perimeter of the building. This work will begin on Monday, May 22, and the fencing will be seen around the perimeter of the building on Florida Avenue and 20th Street, including the Plaza area, and will be completed by the end of the week.
In an effort to keep the community informed, please be aware of some details of the work over the coming weeks:

  • Fencing on Florida Avenue will be installed tight to the building.
  • Fencing on 20th Street will go to the edge of the flower beds just outside the AGU building.
  • Fencing will go to the property line at the end of the Plaza area at the corner of Florida Avenue and 20th Street – please note that access to the Plaza will be closed.
  • At this time, there will be full access to all public sidewalks. However, we expect partial closures of the public sidewalks within 2-3 weeks of our May 22 start date on this work. We will update the community in advance of the partial closures, including impact details.
  • Scaffolding for the Plaza area and the prow will begin being erected on Wednesday, May 24, and will be completed on or about Wednesday, May 31. This work in particular is in preparation for selective exterior demolition at the prow, which includes the removal of the glass, followed by brick.

Contact Information

Our priority throughout construction is to be a good neighbor. If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

For emergency concerns regarding the site, please contact:
Jim Herdman, Skanska superintendent, at [email protected] or 240-393-1928;

Brian Mukolwe, Skanska project manager, at 301-651-7370; or please dial 301-795-3100.

Thank you for your continued support!